Our customers have been asking us questions. So, we thought it to be a great idea to share those questions and answers. If you have any additional questions, let us know and we’ll be sure to add them here!

Are we a biker bar? No. Although we have a love of bikes and some of our staff ride, the name has nothing to do with the world famous bike. In fact, we’ve marked our logo with a red dog paw. The owner’s wife named her dog Harley, because he’s tough and adorable.

Are bikers allowed? For sure! We do not discriminate, plus we love bikes! As long as everyone is respectful, then everything is peachy. We have a few events scheduled specifically for bikers, so we’re sure to see a few here and there!

So who is Harley? This guy! He’s a stray dog that we rescued. Apparently he knows Spanish really well, but he’s bilingual now. He’s our BFF4L! But don’t let that smile fool ya. He’s a tiny little bit of terror, but he’s lovable.

Photo by Leah Wankum of Shawnee Mission Post.

Is your location for all ages? Absolutely. We are family oriented for the most part. However, some, but not all of our late night events are PG-13 and above.

How are you addressing COVID? How are you addressing COVID? Our cooks wear gloves and wash hands before and after handling. We have masks at the bottom of the stairs for anyone who doesn’t have one and wants one. We wipe down tables, chairs, and condiment surfaces (e.g., Ketchup Bottles and Salt Shakers). Patrons have access to hand sanitizer at the front of the space. We clean all dishes in a solution that rids any and all germs. All seating is roughly about 6 ft apart to help with social distancing. We ask that all of our patrons take their own precautions, such as covering ones own mouth while coughing/sneezing, wash/disinfect hands, and respecting others nearby with relation to space should that be asked.

Will your hours change? We are still in our beginning phases, so we’re figuring things out. Our hours are guided by the frequency of our patrons and orders. The busier we become, the more stable our late night and start times will be. We do thank everyone for the understanding and patience as we grow.

Do you deliver? Yes. Delivery using DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats. All Catering orders are delivered by Harley’s staff. Call us at 913-232-8652 or email info@harleyskc.com.

Will you add a ramp or chair lift? Yes. We have plans to make updates to the space mid-to-late 2021. If we are mandated to make everything ADA compliant, then late 2021 or early 2022 would be most likely due to the cost associated with upgrades. If the cost is too exceeding for our wallet, we may consider doing add-ons from the exterior or renting out a space on the ground floor level to accommodate or open a second location.

Will you accommodate for outdoor seating? Yes. This will likely happen early-to-mid 2021. Our landlord will be helping us out with this process. We’d like to have it up by Spring time. So fingers crossed.

I’d like to be considered as a performer for your events. How do I do that? Email us at info (at) harleyskc.com. Our Booking Agent will reach out to you. Please don’t send us a message on Facebook, because we’d like to have all of the info going to one place. e.

How do I rent your venue? Send us your proposal. Feel free to email us at info@harleyskc.com or send us a message on Facebook.

Are you hiring? Yes. Looking for great cooks, bartenders and servers (for our busy nights). Our job listings are on our Facebook page. Be sure to check the Jobs tab.

Where is parking? Directly out front, East of us (parallel) across Halsey, the rear space, and street parking on Halsey.

Do you have discounts available? Yes. We offer active/veteran military, first responders and health professionals, and teacher discounts. Show us some credentials or wear your fatigues and we’ll honor that. We thank you for your service! For more information, view the deals tab on Facebook.

What is #PuppyGang? Since we're all for pups, we imagine that we are all part of a pack, hence the phrase Puppy Gang. We didn't create the hashtag, but we're now proud to be grouped in it. In our pack: staff, investors, patrons, vendors, and advisors. Here's how we're all connected:

If you have any questions, let us know. We'll be sure to update this if we get several inquiries for the same thing. Thanks for reading!